Moving into a new build property is an exciting time but before you make the move there are somethings you need to make sure are done, to ensure that move day goes as smoothly as possible. 

Here are some top tips for moving into your new build property:

Arrange a home demonstration

This appointment is crucial as it allows the housebuilder to show you around your property and teach you how to use everything, so you feel more comfortable and confident in your new surroundings. You should be shown how the central heating system works, the fire and smoke alarms and where to find the electricity meter. During this appointment, you need to make sure everything is explained to you clearly and in detail. It is also important to listen carefully, to ensure everything is exactly as it was promised. 

Make sure you're provided with manuals 

Although everything may have been explained to you during the home demonstration, you may not remember all of the instructions you were given come move day. New build properties tend to be packed with new technology, and this can be harder to work out for some than others. To avoid any unnecessary stress, ask the housebuilder to provide manuals for all of the appliances in your new home. 
Once you have the manuals, test out the appliances to test each one and detect any issues as soon as possible. You want everything to be up and running, and successfully working on move day so the earlier you do this, the earlier any problems can be fixed. 

Check your bathroom and electrical assets

It is really important that you check that all the taps and toilets work before move in day. Run the taps and flush the toilets, and this will address any leaks or water pipe issues that will need to be fixed before you move in. As well as this, make sure that all of your switches and sockets work by plugging in a phone charger for example and switching on all the lights and lamps. It is also important to test that none of your electrical items trip the power switch, so doing these checks are critical. 

Double check the windows and doors

Windows and doors need to be able to shut and be locked as a matter of safety. They also need to be able to be opened properly,  so make sure you check this before you move in. It is also important to check that the tiling is properly sealed around your windows and that there are no gaps to let a draft in. 

Have a structural review carried out 

When moving into a new build property, it is important to check that all building regulations have been met during the construction process. Get a structural engineer round to the property so that they can carry out an inspection to ensure that there are no structural defects in the external or internal walls, the floors or the roof structure. If these aren't up to scratch, then this could effect the price of the property when you come to sell it later down the line. 

Measure your new property

You have probably already been provided the room dimensions of your new property, but if not then measure up so you know what size furniture you will need to purchase. You will need to plan how you want to lay out your new home, to ensure you make the most of the space you have available. 

Set up your internet with a trusted provider

It can sometimes take a few weeks to get your internet and broadband connections set up. We recommend making an appointment with your provider as soon as possible, so it is all sorted by the time you move in. The last thing you want is to be in your new home with no internet, especially when there are other important things that will need to be sorted. 

Register your postcode

As your home is a brand-new property, it will not be registered onto many business databases. The housebuilder will be responsible for contacting the local council to obtain a brand new postcode and formal address. Once this has been done, you should let the Royal Mail know of your new postcode and then the postcode is officially live. Your housebuilder may offer to do this for you, however if you do it, the process will probably be a lot quicker. Registering a new postcode on databases can take a while, so we recommend doing this as soon as you know your new address to avoid any problems with delivery drivers or post when you move in. 

Compare the removal company quotations

Shop around for the best value removal company to ensure that you get the best value and service for your move. 

If you are planning a move to a new build property, then make sure you get in contact with us today or request a quote over on our homepage

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