No home is complete without a beloved pet, so it is important they get to their destination as safely and stress free as possible. We have put together a list of several things you can do to keep the whole household happy:

1. get your pets used to their new home

If your moving in close proximity to your old property, it isn't a bad idea to take them to the new area (especially if your are moving with a dog) so they get used to their new surroundings. 

2. make sure your pets are microchipped

If your pets aren't already microchipped, make sure to get this done prior to moving, but if they already are then ensure that the microchip company is aware of your new address. Having your pets microchipped will give more chance of you being reunited if your pet decides to run off, during the move.

Make sure you also notify your pet insurance company of your change of address. 

3. keep the pets away on move day

Pets pick up on human energy, so if you are feeling a little stressed, your behaviour will effect how your pets behave. To avoid any unnecessary upset, it is a good idea to keep your pets away in a designated room or see if they can stay with a family member or friend for the duration of the move. 

If you don't have a spare room in your property or if no one's around to help, contact your local kennel or cattery to see if they have any availability to help you out. 

4. pack up your pets belongings last 

If your pet is remaining at your property during the move, ensure you pack up their toys, bedding and treats at the last minute. This way there is less chance of your pets becoming too uncomfortable and bothered about what's happening around them. 

5. be smart when feeding your pets

You should avoid feeding your pets too close to travelling time. This could cause them to get travel sickness, which isn't ideal when your on your way to your new property. Instead, we recommend feeding them throughout the day with small portions. This will also ease their stomach if they are feeling anxious about what's going on. 

6. Calm your pets nerves 

Right before you are about to leave for your new property, take your dog for a nice long walk or play with your cat and their toys. This will give them a sense of normality and will help them feel more relaxed about the process. 

7. make your pets feel at home

When you arrive at your new property, it's important you make a comfortable area for your pets to stay whilst you get all the furniture they way you want it. To avoid too much distress, ensure they are surrounded with their familiar things and check up on them regularly. 

It is also a good idea to unpack all of your belongings before you properly introduce them to your new home. You should also avoid washing their bedding for a few weeks after the move, so that they are comforted by their own, familiar scent. Putting some of your own clothes in the room with them will also help them to feel at home. 

8. don't let your pets out straight away

It is very important that you check your fences and gates to ensure they are secure and all in place before letting them out. You don't want the added stress of your pet managing to get out of the garden and going missing in an area you are unfamiliar with. 

Walk your dog around the garden on their lead to start with, so they can get used to their new surroundings whilst feeling safe. Cats should not be let outside for a couple of weeks, as it is important they get used to inside their new home beforehand. When they do eventually venture out, make sure you leave something outside that smells familiar and that will encourage them back home. 

9. keep to your pets routine

When moving house with pets, it's always best to try and keep to a routine as best you can. Sticking to regular feeding and walking times to maintain a level of stability and to avoid too much confusion. 

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