People choose to move in winter for a range of reasons, including the reduction on waiting times and prices of removal companies. However, moving at this time of the year can pose some challenges.

A British winter can be harsh, especially in the North of the country and so you need to do all you can to limit any possible delays. If you have decided to move home in winter, then check out our top tips.

Book a professional removal company

There are many benefits in getting a professional removal company to take care of your move in the winter. Not only will this take time and pressure off of yourself, but it will also reduce the impact of any bad weather.

A professional removal crew are specially trained to handle the bad weather and will come fully prepared to carry out your move in the worst conditions. They will ensure your belongings are well protected from the elements, packing and loading them into the vehicle efficiently.

Plan ahead

Planning for a house move is important at any time of the year, but especially during the winter when it can be cold and wet. Getting your move booked in early is never a bad idea. Christmas is always a busy period as there is a rush for people to get settled in time for the festive period and before children go back to school in January. It is also important to plan ahead if you have difficult access to your property or if your home is in a remote area, especially if you know the weather conditions are going to be bad to avoid any delays. Delays can be common during winter moves, so we recommend thinking of a back-up plan so there isn’t a major panic on the day. In the event of any changes to your move day plans, make sure you have the contact details of you estate agent and solicitor to hand.

Keep up to date with the weather forecast

Make sure you keep a close eye on the weather forecast in the weeks leading up to your move date. If the weather looks particularly bad, work with your removal team to organise a new move date to  experience less disruption.

This can also help you plan ahead of your move too. If snow is forecast, make sure you clear and grit the driveway as large removals vans may have trouble reaching your property. This will also reduce any time delays and will allow the process to be more efficient.

Get extra help

If you have chosen to pack your goods yourself and are a bit pushed for time, with the hectic run up to Christmas, there is no harm in considering getting help from your family and friends.

It may also be handy to have people on hand to help at your new property, and that way you can get settled in quicker and there will be less hanging around in the cold weather. Your removal company may be able to include a handyman or maid service into your quotation, to make the process a little easier for you.

Use durable packing materials

A British winter can be very wet, meaning you need boxes and packing materials that are durable enough to keep your belongings secure. If you are looking to source your own packing materials you need to ensure you are picking these up from a reliable manufacturer. Reusing old or unstable boxes could result in your goods being damaged or degraded by the bad weather, during the process.

Alternatively, your removal company will be able to supply boxes for you. Hoults provide a range of high-quality packing boxes and materials to ensure your goods stay protected during their move

Pack an essentials box

Whatever time of the year it is, we always recommend packing an essentials box when moving home, just in case there are any delays or last-minute changes on move day. This is especially important during the winter months to make sure you are well prepared.

Here are some items you should consider for your winter essentials box: mugs, plenty of warm drinks, soup, some snacks, entertainment for the children, warm clothes and layers, towels and toiletries.

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