If you are thinking of moving your beloved art pieces and equipment from A to B, you may be slightly nervous. 

To ease the stress of moving art, we have come up with some simple tips to ensure your prized possession's remain safe and secure during their journey:


The key to ensuring your art pieces reach their destination safely, is the packing material used to protect your goods. It is essential you have bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape and sturdy boxes. Once your artwork is packed into a box, you'll need to fill the remaining space of the box with the bubble wrap. If you are unable to get hold of enough bubble wrap, you can also used towels or any hard paper to prevent the pieces from moving about. 

Alternatively, Hoults Removals can provide the packing materials for you. This way you will be sure you have the right equipment to keep the goods safe. If you are unsure about doing the packing yourself, we have a professional removal team who are experts in moving art. They are qualified packers and are experts in handling and maneuvering artwork. 


If you have chosen to pack your art pieces yourself then it is essential that this is done correctly. To begin, you need to wrap your artwork in bubble wrap and use tape to secure this. Like wrapping a present, you need to use packing paper or newspaper to cover the bubbled wrapped piece. Be sure to use enough tape and cover all areas - horizontally and vertically to ensure the paper doesn't move or fall off during transit. Your artwork is then ready to be boxed up. It is handy to have some towels or old clothing items to hand, if you have run out of bubble wrap, to stuff the box. This will ensure that the piece of art cannot move around in the box and potentially get damaged or broken. 

If you are concerned about packing your artwork yourself, our team of packers at Hoults are professionals in wrapping artwork to ensure they are kept safe on their journey. 


If you are packing your artwork yourself, be sure to add 'fragile' labelling to each package. This was the removal team will know to handle the items with great care and nothing will be packed on top of them in the van.

As well as fragile labels, it is also a good idea to label which artwork is which. That way you'll know which package is to go where when you get to your destination. 


If you have chosen not to get the help of a removal company, then you need to make sure you hire the correct vehicle and don't try squeezing it into a tiny car. These items should be placed into the vehicle with care and need to, ideally, be on their sides but not wedged between any heavy objects that could potentially fall and break the artwork. 

If you are worried about transporting your artwork to destination yourself, then Hoults Removals can do it for you. We will transport your work safely in one of our vans, which are the perfect size for any artwork piece and will handle them with great care when moving them to and from the vehicle.

We can help move art pieces all round the UK. Get in contact with us today if you need a trusted removal company to help you out. 
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