There are a couple of things to consider when moving long distance from the North East across the UK. We've put together our top tips for moving across the UK to help make your move as stress-free as possible.

Move in the summer

  • Moving in summer means you'll have more daylight hours so you can get more done each day. There’s also less chance of having to carry boxes through wind, rain and sometimes snow!.
  • If you're moving with children it also means that they won't have to move during the school year. They can settle into their new home before starting at their new school in the Autumn.

Choose the right removals company

  • You'll want to choose a removals company that is reputable and can also move you to anywhere in the UK. Luckily Hoults Removals can move you to any location in the UK from the North East.
  • If you need storage then make sure you choose a company that offers storage services to help make your move even easier. Hoults Removals offers storage to all customers no matter where you're moving to in the UK.

Plan your journey

  • Its a good idea to map out your journey for move day to make sure you meet your removal company at your new home on time.
  • It's a good idea to map out your route, factoring in any toilet breaks. If you have a long journey ahead you may want to consider staying over night in a hotel to break up the travel time and ensure you are well rested for moving in.

Invest in a late key waiver

  • When moving long distance it's important to factor in potential delays. To prevent any additional charges from unforeseen delays, you can invest in a late key waiver or cancellation waiver with your long-distance removal company.

Pack your car with essentials

  • Make sure you have all your important documents with you in the car and make sure they are easily accessible. You may also want to pack a kettle, a change of clothes and some other essentials for when you first arrive at your property. It may be a while before you unpack everything.

We offer a long distance removals service for all customers moving from the North East. Our removal experts are professionally trained to pack and handle your goods to ensure they arrive at your new home safely. Learn more about the range of services we offer to help our customers move home and store their goods.

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