When considering living in a seaside town, people tend to overlook the North East and, instead, favour places along the south or south east coast like Brighton, Margate and Clacton-on-Sea, as just a few examples. However, the towns that run along the North East have a lot to offer. 

The North East is home to some of the most beautiful, un-spoilt beaches in the United Kingdom. In this article, we are going to look at the top ten best seaside towns to live in, in the North East. 

1. Seahouses

Seahouses, a small fishing village, is located only three miles down from Bamburgh. According to Wikipedia, around 1,803 people currently live in the village and so if you are looking for somewhere quiet to live, then this could be the perfect place for you. People love living here due to its long history of fishing and interesting array of local wildlife. The beaches are also very popular here and the scenic harbor is definitely a selling point. 

2. Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay is one of the most popular seaside towns in the North East of England, with people frequenting here for generations. The town is only located a convenient 8 miles from Newcastle, which is perfect for those looking for work in the city. Whitley Bay is also home to the famous St. Mary's Lighthouse which dates back to the Victorian-era. 

3. Bamburgh

Bamburgh is a historic village located on the Northumberland coastline. Its beaches are some of the most scenic in the whole of the United Kingdom, with some of the most incredible views of the famous, Bamburgh Castle. From Bamburgh beach, you can also see Holy Island and Lindesfarne too. If you are a keen golfer, then you can take in this wonderful scenery whilst walking round Bamburgh Castle's very own golf course. 

4. Tynemouth

Only 35 minutes from Newcastle city centre, Tynemouth is one of the most well-located seaside towns in the North East of England. The town is also one of the most popular destinations in Tyne and Wear, due to its beautiful beaches and bays. Longstands beach is particularly favoured by surfers and there is plenty of history to explore here too. 

5. Roker

Roker is a seaside town located in Sunderland, which lies right next to the mouth of the Wear River. Roker is a great place to live due to its clean beaches and large range of cafes and restaurants to enjoy in your spare time. The town is also full of history and there is an array of interesting museums that are worth visiting. 

6. Redcar 

Redcar is another great seaside town in the North East of England, located just beside Middlesborough. There is plenty to do here, with a great Esplanade that is full of cafes and restaurants. When living in Redcar, you will have to pay a visit to the famous Redcar Racecourse, which is one of the best places to watch horse racing with an incredible view of the sea. 

 7. Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Saltburn-by-the-Sea is a charming seaside village and has been popular destination since the Victorian era. It is in a great location being slightly southeast of Redcar and Hartlepool. The village is well-known for the Saltburn Cliff Tramway, the oldest water balanced funicular in the United Kingdom which dates back to the Victorian ages. 

8. Seaham 

Seaham is one of the most peaceful seaside towns in the North East of England. Located in County Durham, just south of Sunderland, Seaham is the perfect place to live if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing lifestyle. There are plenty of walks to be enjoyed along the scenic coastline and its surrounding countryside. 

9. Alnmouth 

Alnmouth is a stunning coastal village located just east of Alnwick, Northumberland. The village's pastel coloured houses located along the river Aln, makes this seaside village a big hit with people looking to move to the North East coastline. There is a large variation of wildlife to be spotted here too and plenty of countryside walks to enjoy. 

10. Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne, also known as Holy Island of Lindisfarne, is a tidal island located just off of the North East coast of England. If you are looking for somewhere that caters for your quiet, slow-paced lifestyle then this is a great place to consider. The island is home to around 160 people, so the population is small but there is actually quite a lot to do here, from visiting Lindisfarne Castle and Priory, St Aidan's Winery, as well as a large range of countryside walks around the island. 

If you are looking to move to a coastal town or village located in the North East, then contact Hoults today to see how our services can help. 

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