Going off to university is a very exciting time - so you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. To help you out with your big move, we have put together some very simple tips just to make it that little bit easier.

Plan it

Planning what you are going to take to university is extremely important. You have most likely had a look around different potential accommodation possibilities at your chosen university, so you will know that your new living area may be much smaller than your current family home!  

You'll need to work out what you really want to take and what will fit! To avoid living in a cramped environment, you need to ensure you don’t overpack.

Plan what clothes you will need. You'll head off to university late September, so winter is approaching. Leave your summer clothes at home and swap them over when you visit back home.    

Plan what cooking appliances and utensils you will need. Make sure you have enough plates and cutlery – don't just take one set! Students can leave their washing up for days... even weeks, so ensure to take plenty just in case so you always have a spare.  

Plan what technology you will need. University, pre COVID-19, is still very online based so it is always a good idea to take a laptop or tablet to do your work on.

Plan how you want to decorate your new room. You may want to take some memorabilia from home, some pictures of your friends and family or even the dog!  

Buy It

You're likely to need to purchase some items before you head off. Make sure that you have everything that you will need to live on your own! This can include things like:

  • Pots and pans  

  • Plates and bowels 

  • Cutlery  

  • Wooden spoons and pizza cutters 

Try to refrain from stuffing your bags with food before you leave home – we recommend doing the food shop when you get to university.

Pack it

Make sure you take your time when packing and don’t leave it all to the last minute, otherwise, it will all be rushed and you may forget important belongings.

Try to pack using sturdy shopping bags – these will always come in handy when doing you weekly shop.  

Unpack it

Moving in day will come around very quickly. When you get to university, make sure you get organised! You don’t want all your stuff to take over your room, because remember... this may be a lot smaller than the bedroom you have at home.  
Use it

Make sure you make good use of everything you’ve taken to university with you! Anything you find you don’t need, take it home with you the next time you visit - you don’t want to be cluttering your room with a load of items you won’t make any use of.  

Get in touch with our removal experts if you would like any help or advise on moving as a student.     
For more information contact the Hoults team
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