Plan, plan, plan

Moving home can be stressful and there are lots of things to think about. Planning as much as you can in advance will help take the stress out of the situation. For example, downloading the floorplan of your new property and planning the new layout of your home can help you decide what furniture needs to go where.

Ask for help

Don't be afraid at asking for help from family and friends. Whether you need help decluttering your current home or you'd like an extra pair of hands on move day. Make sure you're not lifting anything too heavy.

Let your removal company pack for you

Some removal services offer a packing service. Here at Hoults we use environmentally friendly packing materials to pack your possessions with great care. We offer a full packing service or we can simply help you pack a few items. Just let us know how much you want us to help.

Find your new GP

If you’re moving house away from your current GP’s catchment area, get a list of GPs from NHS Choices so you can register with a GP near your new home when you move in and arrange your antenatal care.

Make new friends

It helps to have a good support network around you when the newborn arrives. A great way to make new friends is through antenatal classes. You can sign up for antenatal classes with your new GP or at the hospital where you choose to have your baby.

Keep your hospital bag close by

If you're in your later stages of pregnancy, make sure you keep your hospital bag nearby at all times. Try not to pack it on the removal van by mistake.

Our expert teams at Hoults are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your removal. We offer a tailored removals experience for our customers, and services to help customers moving whilst pregnant.
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