The North East of England is renowned for it's lively, buzzy nightlife scenes with many areas making a feature on the list of the top party cities in the United Kingdom.

My Voucher Codes have put together a list of 'The Best Alternative City for a Night Out' which is based on a range of factors such as the price of drinks, the cost of an average meal, the price of a taxi journey, the cost of living index, the areas safety score index and many more. 

So, where are the best places to live in the North East for a vibrant nightlife scene according to this list?


Middlesbrough is one of the top ranking cities in the North East for nightlife, and in the UK. The city has earned its reputation, offering some of the best range of bars, pubs and clubs for all generations to enjoy.

When carrying out their research, My Voucher Code concluded that Middlesbrough had scores of the following:

Safety: 71.3 out of 100 
Average price of an alcoholic drink: £2.80 - £3.00
Starting price for a taxi: £2.75 
Average price of a meal: £12.00 
Number of bars and clubs per 100,000 people: 49.23 

Overall, out of all cities in the UK, Middlesbrough was ranked as the fourth favoured place to live for a great nightlife scene. 


According to My Voucher Codes, Sunderland positioned itself just outside of the top 10, coming out as the 12th best place to live for nightlife in the UK.

Sunderland has achieved this by having a whole range of amenities no matter the weather. From warm, friendly village-style pubs, to bustling beer gardens - no matter what you are after, it is guaranteed Sunderland will keep you going all night long. 

The cities large student population has made it a very popular place to go clubbing on the weekends, and even the weekdays. If clubbing is your thing, you will be spoilt for choice with a variety of karaoke clubs, as well as your pop, dance and chart floor fillers. 


Being one of the most famous cities in the North East, you would have thought that Newcastle would feature towards the top of the list, however My Voucher Codes research proves otherwise. 

Newcastle received the following scores:

Safety: 60 out of 100 
Average price of an alcoholic drink: £2.95 - £3.50
Starting price for a taxi: £2.00
Average price of a meal: £11.50 
Number of bars and clubs per 100,000 people: 35.7

Overall, out of all the cities in the UK, Newcastle ranks as the 29th best place to live for nightlife, but around the third in the North East. 

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