Newcastle is home to some beautiful countryside, close to the coast and offers residents a great social life to enjoy. Newcastle has many different places to choose from when it comes to deciding where to live. We've put together a list of the top 7 best places to live in Newcastle to help you make your decision!


Gateshead is famously known for it’s unique architecture, including the Angel of the North and the Sage Gateshead. It's located near the river Tyne and was built on the traditional industries of mining and heavy engineering, but the 1970’s saw a major decline in this.


Located in the borough of South Tyneside, Jarrow is a port town along the River Tyne. It's a short distance away from the beach and to the center of Newcastle. The town developed into a major industrial centre in the 19th century. It was home to glass and chemical works alongside coal mining.

Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay is a seaside town with fantastic beaches and outdoor spaces. You can enjoy the serenity of the sea and still be a short distance from the center of Newcastle. You'll also be close to the popular St Mary’s Lighthouse which is regularly open for visitors.


Washington is a large town within in between Newcastle and Sunderland. It's a great place to live if you're looking to commute to either city. If you like to live somewhere with green open spaces then Washington is a great option. It has a golf club and some great local parks.


Tynemouth is a great place to live if you are looking for somewhere with lively character, but still has that village like feel to it. You can enjoy sea views on the beautiful Longstands Beach and the ruined medieval priory and fortress isn't far away either.

Tynemouth is the perfect home for someone who doesn’t want to be too central but can still get in and out of the city fairly easily.

South Shields

South Shields is one of the oldest towns in South Tyneside and is a popular place to live in Newcastle. It's a seaside town but it has great metro links making it easy to get into the center of Newcastle.


Whickham is located south west of the center of Newcastle but because it has great transport links, so you can get into the city easily. It's also a great place to live if you prefer to live in the countryside.

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