Getting organised when moving home may involve using a secure storage facility as a back-up option or as a temporary stop gap during the process. Every move is situational but often storage can provide a solution.

If you find yourself in any of the below situations you may want to consider using storage:

1. If you have too much stuff

Moving your belongings into store will not only make the process of moving less stressful, but it will also save you money and time. Having too many items to pack up and keep a track of can be overwhelming, so moving some of your stuff into store will help make it a bit more organised. Removal companies also charge you more the more stuff you have, as it will take them longer and they will need more resources – so it makes sense to do a declutter before move day. Once you have settled into your new home, you can then move the goods out of storage and decide whether you really need to keep them.

2. If you find yourself between different homes

People may be between homes for a variety of reasons – you may want to sell your home quickly or your purchase may be delayed. Whatever the reason, as a result you may have to go into a rental property or camp out at a loved one’s house whilst you wait. In this case you may not have enough room for all your belongings, and storage is the perfect solution.

3. If there are problems on moving day

Sometimes moving house doesn’t always go to plan and when there is a chain involved, timing is crucial. If one person in the chain has a problem, it can bring the whole process to a halt and therefore you should always have a Plan B. You may need to stay overnight in a hotel or at a family members, which means you can only take your essentials. You can then put the remainder of your belongings into a storage unit for as long as you need until you can move into your new home.

4. If your new home needs work done to it

You may be moving into a home which needs a bit of TLC before it becomes liveable, or you may just want to change up the style of the interior. Whatever needs doing to your home, you’ll find it much easier to do it without having to move your furniture and personal belongings around the work. To avoid inconvenience and potential damage to your goods, we recommend moving some of your stuff into a storage facility and then you can take it out when the renovations have been completed
5. If you’re moving for work

If you are an employee moving to their new post, you may prefer to store your belongings in a storage facility and bring them back once you have settled in. Your employer may have moved you into furnished accommodation and therefore you may not need a lot of your belongings so these can go into store. You may also only be moving for a short period of time before you get moved on somewhere else, and in this situation it is a real pain to keep moving all your stuff around so it’s best to put everything into store until you really need it.

If you are interested in using storage facilities for your move, get in touch with us today to find out more.  
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